We are just back from our second market road trip adventure! We were lucky enough to take our handmade stall to Melbourne for The Big Design market and then to Sydney for The Finders Keepers. 

It was big, it was fun and it was connecting. It was so lovely to get to meet our customers face to face and see our art clothing on real bodies. There was SO much love and appreciation for our wares and we are feeling full to the brim with love, gratitude and inspiration for making our next mini collection. 


Not only did we hit the markets, but we got to connect with our fabulous makers in Melbourne too. Our extremely lovely husband & wife team screen printers at Printink Studios as well as our cut, make & trim peeps at Collier Clothing. Without these masters we could never keep up with the demand. 

It was our first time visiting Collier clothing after about a year of working with them over the phone. It was so uplifting and solidifying that we've made an excellent choice partnering with these absolute pro's of the industry. Their warehouse is bright and airy and we felt super welcomed by Sam who runs the show and Jim who is the main cutting man.

We just love that the machinists work from their homes where they can manage their own hours and tend to all the things that happen in the home. We hope to meet some of them on our next visit. This time was quite a whirlwind!


Reconnecting with Nadia and Jason who do all of our fabric printing by hand was super soul warming as we got to have a longer look around their space and have more personal chats, with invites extended to come and stay on Dalee's rustic bush community property on their upcoming Summer holiday. This is how we love to do business.


Getting to see their screen printing set up was so inspiring and its always such a pleasure to talk art with other passionate makers. Noticing their print table dotted with our artwork from previous print runs was very cool, check out our diamond python here! Its so real, tactile and hands on.

After Melbourne we made time to get out into nature with a little side mission to Bitangabee Bay near Eden, NSW. Cleansing our energy ready for the Finders Keepers in Sydney.

Nature connection is a massive part of what makes us happy and inspires our creations, so it felt super special to get to sit near this epic creek, swim naked in its waters and watch a male Lyre Bird pick and scratch its way down to the water (Dalee's first time seeing one!)


We're home now and jumping into making a tiny collection with brand new prints to take to Woodford Folk Festival over Xmas and New Years. Haha, thats right, we're a bit crazy non-stop around here ;-) More to come on our new print...

Until then, thanks for reading about our crazy adventure...we hope to see you out there one day soon.

Biggest warmest love,

Clarey & Dalee xox



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Wow, what an amazing adventure. I love that you got to see your printers workspace for the first time AND see your first male lyre bird! Those are pretty cool firsts!!! Can’t wait to see what your next inspirations are. Also thank you for sharing here! I am not on social media and so am stoked to be able to read what you’re up to now.


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