We choose Earth first.

Art to WEAR

Ethics and Commitments

For us to even consider making clothing as art and as a small business, we needed to make sure that we could do it in line with our strong Earth First values.

  • We believe in keeping all things as local as possible, reducing travel miles and contributing to local econimies.

  • Organic, natural and biodegradable materials are always our first choice and we pride ourselves in sourcing the best of the best.

  • We are committed to producing no fabric or packaging waste. Quite a feat in the fashion world, but one we believe is possible and should be the standard.

  • Every piece we make is designed and built to last. Materials and construction are centred around garment longevity, functionality and versatility.

We choose LOCAL.

We choose to create and connect within Australia working with Australian made fabrics and local printers and craftspeople.

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Earth first.

We choose organic, biodegradable recycled and compostable materials everywhere we possibly can.

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Zero waste.

We are committed to creating NO fabric waste or packaging waste. All offcuts are made into useful and beautiful smaller things and all packaging is 100% compostable, recycled and biodegradable.

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We've really thought through every aspect of this little biz.  Dalee loves all things gardening, so it seemed natural to use a method called Holistic Planning which is based on permaculture principles.
This meant zooming out and looking at the whole picture of our business ecosystem. Including how we'd like our lives to feel and look like. Being two creatives who really care, we know that a certain level of self-care is necessary to stay inspired and to be able to give energy to the land and loved ones.
We have considered the full scope of what it means to be a woman in business at this particular time in the world, and in doing so have placed great importance on elements such as the health of our land and waterways, the wellbeing of the people who make our fabrics and clothing, contributing to our local economy, fostering a sense of community, spending quality time with our loved ones and of course as a huge priority, our own self-care. 
Its important to us that when you receive a piece of wearable art clothing from us that you know and feel the intentionality that has gone into your special piece. We're not just creating clothing here, we're creating positive paradigm shifts for all of us. 

Menstruating women in business in 2024

We are two women with menstrual cycles and we are committed to honouring that. Which means we consciously plan our business operations to work with the natural rythyms our bodies are so intrinsically connected to. We don't agree with the patriarchal view that we should be productive 9-5, 7 days a week. We are forging our own paradigm around what it means to be a menstruating woman with a career.
Together, we support each other to question the current system and what's expected of us. We're constantly asking ourselves, what is that we need right now? How can we best support ourselves and each other through the different phases of our cycles? How can we contribute in a way that is in balance with nature and allows us to receive as much as it takes?
We know that many women feel frustrated and fed up because they feel they have to fit themselves into a system that wasn't actually designed for them. We feel strongly that if we can honour our cycles while running a cranking business and be loud about it, then we can contribute to a growing movement for women's empowerment and wellbeing. And thats really, really important to us. 

Creating art that connects

Begins with connection.

Paper making and lino printmaking

Ethics and Commitments

Art is about connection. To subject matter, to story, to process, to materials, to self and to community. From this place our ethics and commitments to the enviroment are a solid base from which Dalee creates her handmade paper releif prints.

  • All papers are made using local recycled office waste and other used paper materials.

  • All plants used for colour and infusion are organically homegrown or responsibly foraged or sourced.

  • Inks used are Cranfieild caligo safe-wash, non-toxic, vegetable oil based inks that clean up with soap and water.

  • Carving blocks are made from natural and biodegradable materials - Silk Cut lino is made from ecologically friendly renewable raw materials such as cork, linseed oil, limestone, resin and wood flour. The natural raw materials that make up Silk Cut linoleum are harvested from sustainable crops.

  • All prints are packaged and sent in protective, recycled, plastic free, compostable materials.

Processing relationship.

Hands on, tactile, slow made.


Paper making is a large part of Dalee's practice as a printmaker. She began learning the art of making artisan papers after she felt a disconnection to the source, materials and makers of commercial supplies. As a long term student of permaculture, she wanted to utilise any local used paper and divert it from waste while developing even deeper relationships with the plants she grows by using them as colour and botanical additions to her handmade papers. Developing relationships to each part of her process is fundamental to Dalees practice.


Growing and gathering.

Collecting colour.

Hand crafting paper.


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We are committed to creating slow art without compromising our ethics and values. Check out our new collection.

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