Sizing Guide

Our Styles

High waisted shorts + Wide Leg Pants + Swing Skirt

use your waist measurement.

Puff Top + Tank + Flow dress + Crop + TRAMP coat

use your bust and waist measurement.


In the case of a person with smaller size bust and waist compared to hip, use your bust and waist measurement. In the case that your bust is a larger size than your hip, use your hip measurement. You may need to wear a crop top underneath if you want to reduce cleavage.

General sizing advice

Our fabrics have plenty of stretch and our styles have shape, so often you can choose whether you'd prefer to wear your piece fitted or with some space and you will look good either way. Its a feeling thing more than anything.

If you're unsure of what size to purchase, we suggest buying your usual size, unless you normally shop with plus size brands, in which case this chart will be most helpful.

If you're still unsure please get in touch via the contact form or our socials. We're here for you.

Please don't worry if your measurements fall outside this chart. We're all wonderfully unique humans and we're here to help you find your size.

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